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Debut Album Release
Summer 2017

Pilgrim was written over two decades of living in Alaska and traveling around the world in search of stories, experiences, life, and love.

At 19, after a season of fighting forest fires in Alaska and Montana, Nikos began traveling in earnest with his earnings. First on the list was India where he found himself in the desert of Maharastra, five hours northeast of Bombay at the pilgrim centre and tomb of Meher Baba. This is where the song Pilgrim was composed and here he solidified the desire to continue on the path of self-reflection allowing music to be his main conduit. 

Pilgrim is a selection of songs written over the last 20 years. In the creation of Pilgrim, Nikos draws from a number of genres including folk, country, reggae, and electronic. Delivering sounds filled with both deep, introspective meditations and playful observations. 

Pilgrim is Nikos' first opus. Through guitar, harmonies, yodeling, whistling, jaw harp, and beat box he invites the listener to have as much fun as he clearly is.

Nikos' greatest inspiration will always be LOVE found in everything and everyone, felt in each note and beat of Pilgrim. “Feelings and emotions are only the creation of mind and energy. Love is the creation of the soul.” ~Meher Baba~

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1. Never again

2. September Sun

3. Caught in a groove

4. Lord, don't take my feet

5. Jaw jam

6. On my arm

7. Born to be a cowboy

8. The shield

9. Pilgrim

10. Love in D

​All songs written by Nikos Kilcher except for 'Born to be a Cowboy' written by Atz Kilcher. All songs recorded and mastered by Brad Lee at Stereo Disguise Recording Laboratories in San Diego, California. 

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