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About Nikos

Nikos' fifth grade teacher once told his mother that he had an incurable sense of rhythm. This was not meant as a compliment, with no formal training nor particular outlet to express himself, Nikos spent his childhood exploring the tonal and rhythmic properties of all things in reach, rarely sounding like anything musical. Along with an ever growing cacophony of vocal noises, early on, he explored drums and piano and eventually found guitar as his most dynamic medium.  

Music is in Nikos' blood, son of Atz Kilcher, a well known Alaskan singer songwriter and part of a deeply artistic family, the Kilchers. At 14 Nikos was introduced to his first guitar chords and was soon composing and singing songs. These young, deeply formative years were the catalyst for a reliance on music as a form of self-reflection and exploration.  

After high school Nikos began working wildland firefighting during summers and traveling the winters. These worldwide voyages allowed Nikos to draw inspiration from the people and places encountered outside Alaska. Travels carried him to exotic cities, foreign mountains, endless deserts and the constant search for perfect waves and the endless winds of the world's oceans. These treks offered an abundance of cultural muses from North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Central America, the Middle East and Europe. Always returning to the homeland of Alaska, Nikos learned to create a blend of voices and sounds from both his roots in Alaska and stories from abroad. 

Nikos has been intricately involved in the prolific music scene of Homer, Alaska for over 15 years. Homer, a place where one may stumble across a world-class performance in the most unexpected of dive-bars any day of the week. 

Nikos primarily lives in Homer with his wife, Kate, two children, Chandra Love and Ravi Rain, and dog, SitaRam. In Homer, he is an active member of the rich musical community. He has three older half-siblings through his father Atz: Shane, Jewel, and Atz Lee. He also has two younger half-siblings through his mother Linda: Joel and Ivy. 

Nikos' music is a mixture of sounds inspired by his roots, fellow Homer artists and explorations abroad but most from his own insightful and playful self-reflections.


Always bring your guitar...

Joshua Tree
Atz & Nikos at Pilgrim Album Release
Homer, Alaska
Atz Lee Nikos & John
Kilcher Homestead
Nikos Atz Lee & Atz
KBBI Studio Session
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